ISO9001 BSI Registered

Commitment to Quality

Servicom's commitment to quality is reflected by BS EN ISO9001:2008 accreditation that covers all company activities.

This ensures quality permeates throughout the entire Servicom organisation and results in uniform excellence in customer service delivery.

Accreditation covering all company activities, along with Servicom's foundations as a service provider is a key differentiator for prospective and existing Servicom customers.

SAFE Contractor Approved

High Standards of Health and Safety

Servicom are also registered as a SAFE contractor, a progressive accreditation body that recognises high standards of health and safety practise by companies within the UK.

This enables prospective and existing clients to be assured of Servicom's commitment to Health and Safety in any working environment.

UKTI Defence and Security Charter Member

UKTI Defence and Security Charter Member

UKTI Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) focuses on building and maintaining relationships with overseas governments. Defence and security is a growth market with potential for many UK companies to utilise their technologies, skills and knowledge to export successfully. As an innovative communications company, Servicom are utilising the UKTI to promote its bespoke solutions to an international audience.