Global Reach IP System Overview

Radio over IP

GRIP is available as PC software or hardware solution. This radio over IP solution enables Servicom customers to monitor and interact with hand held portable or mobile radios anywhere in the world without having to worry about compatibility issues surrounding frequencies or radio equipment type. Servicom's GRIP, now we're talking Global…

What does GRIP do?

Add Servicom's Global Reach IP Solution (GRIP) to radio networks to create a global integrated communications network enabling voice, DTMF, 5 Tone, Selcall, in fact anything your existing radio system is capable of. It is an extremely reliable and cost effective solution.

A PC with installed software enables the user to communicate, switch and monitor the network. GRIP can also be employed as a closed user group Voice over IP solution. This enables one PC to communicate with many PC's.

Where can GRIP be used?

There needs to be an internet connection. This could be on a standard office broadband connection, or even 3G connection.GRIP is particularly suited for remote communication users,who can utilize Immarsat BGAN or any other satellite data channel for the link. This remote environment capability makes it of interest to aid agencies,security and military users who need to communicate when standard solutions are not feasible. Been able to use various internet media also means that GRIP can be utilised in emergency planning communication solutions-where standard communication lines may be compromised.