Servicom's commercial proposals include the offering of a Managed System Solution.

This is designed to meet the client's specific needs, addressing both the operational and financial requirements of our customers. The plan is designed for the client who wishes to acquire radio communications equipment inclusive of a comprehensive maintenance package . Servicom's managed system enables our customers to focus on their core business, and fully utilize Servicom's expertise in providing communication solutions.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Commercially, the client is presented with a monthly fixed cost that can encompass capital equipment costs. This facilitates effective budgetary forecasting during the agreed period and presents an extremely manageable financial solution. The commercial options proposed by Servicom are presented in proceeding sections.

Faulty Equipment Replacements and Onsite Callouts

Managed systems ensure the client gets optimal performance for their radio system. Should a battery, charger or accessory fail, Servicom would offer an immediate replacement (upon receiving the failed product), guaranteeing the level of service provided by a radio network or system. Managed plans also cover onsite callouts for failures or reprogramming of infrastructure (should it be required). Where infrastructure is required, the cost of the plan is based upon a unit rate, so the higher the total number of units initially undertook, the lower the proportionate cost.

The initial delivery of equipment would be the contracted minimum to be maintained on site. Equipment may be added on a temporary basis and charged at the agreed unit rate to meet peak demands during shut downs, open days or any other occasions where it may be useful.

The result: Equipment is never under-utilised.