Gurkhas News Release

27 April 2015



Following the Earthquake in Nepal on 25th April we are relieved to say that the Gurkha G200e Everest Expedition team and their supporting sherpas have now been evacuated from Camp 1 to Base Camp where they are currently assisting with the recovery effort. Brigadier Ian Rigden has released the following statement:

"The 14 x G200 Everest team members trapped at Camp 1 and their sherpas have been successfully helivaced to Base Camp.  They are all in good spirits.  Base Camp is unrecognisable and there is a considerable amount of work to do to secure it, help other teams and salvage what they can. The plan now is to assist at Base Camp for the next two days, when they will be joined by our expedition doctor (a former Everest summiteer and Reservist, who was making his way to join the team for the major climb phase) who is walking in. They will then extract themselves to Kathmandu on foot and by whatever means they can achieve. They have a very wide range of useful skills and the focus now is to assist the people of Nepal.

The team has had a significant ordeal at Camp 1, surviving the follow-on after-shock earth tremors and numerous avalanches around their immediate area. Our team has been exemplary throughout and a great credit to the Brigade."

Our thoughts are with the team and the people of Nepal as they come to terms with the dreadful events of the last few days. 

Further updates can be found on the G200e website