Power Stations

Servicom provide radio systems to some of the largest utility sites in the UK. To meet the rigorous demands of this environment, Servicom have provided solutions that have included Mototrbo systems (including Capacity Plus and IP Site Connect systems). In addition, return on investment is enhanced by increased functionality this includes features such as alarm integration. This compliments the sites focus on health and safety and results in the radio system providing a valuable service, in a cost effective manner.

Servicom have a broad portfolio of products including Atex equipment ensuring we can meet clients specific communication needs.

Wind Farms

Servicom provide wireless communication solutions for a large portfolio of operating environments. This includes offshore environments such as wind farms. The communication requirement can include data transmission from the farm to a land based headquarters. Servicom have vast experience in providing wireless networks for this scenario and a multitude of other environments where a wireless network may be required. The Motorola range of Point to Point and canopy products offers a resilient wireless gateway product in line of sight and non-line of sight scenarios.