Servicom provide retail radio link systems across the UK and we were the first radio company to introduce a 'Town Link system'. In addition, Servicom provide managed services to leading retail centres where the client focuses on their core business and Servicom act as a one stop shop for their radio communication requirements. Servicom have the capability of assessing clients particular needs and delivering a solution that is both cost efficient and operationally effective. At the forefront of technology we provide digital and analogue systems with enhanced functionality that can include task management, alarm system integration, internal tracking and GPS features.

"At the forefront of technology"

From day time and night time town link schemes to large shopping complexes, Servicom have the experience and capability to deliver a solution for the customers specific requirement.

Radio Link Systems

Servicom have extensive experience in installing and providing managed systems for radio links of varying scales nationwide.

This effective cost solution for today's increasing need for vigilance and prohibitive action against theft and ant- social behaviour has seen immediate demonstrable benefits, with new schemes being introduced all over the UK.

The fundamental success of a retail links scheme is based upon successful communication and we can offer the product and system expertise to ensure the client gains maximum benefits from the system.

The key benefits of retail schemes are the use of shared information to prevent and reduce stock loss, and enable greater protection for staff from potential threats.

Utilising our managed system capabilities, clients can have an all in one solution at a fixed monthly cost.

Servicom's experience includes the installation of systems from conception, to the appending of existing multiple systems to ensure our clients fulfil their communication requirements.